🔥 We are thrilled to announce the brand upgrade of Omniinfer to novita.ai. With this upgrade, we are bringing a wider range of powerful API capabilities. Existing users can log in directly without the need for registration. We invite you to experience new possibilities.

Fast and cheap AI image generation API for 10000+ models

Fastest generation in just 2s, Pay-As-You-Go, a minimum of $0.0015 for each image, you can add your own models and avoid GPU maintenance.

Efficient way to discover our distinctive features.


Fastest generation in just 2s



Price is only 1/10 of DALL-E2 and Midjourney


10000+ models

Keep the latest popular and trending models updated

Here is list of sites and apps built using Stable Diffusion API
Dazzleai is decentralized network to help model creators make money, by harnessing NFTs to Secure Profit Rights for model creators. It showcases the application and potential of AI in image creation and commercial ventures.
No GPU WebUI, a free website that offers a web UI for stable diffusion, a technique to generate various images. It doesn't need a GPU, just a cheap computer. It also has an API service that accesses over 10,000 models, charging only $0.0015 per image. This is a great website for image generation enthusiasts and professionals.
An AI drawing application that utilizes the Omniinfer API to access models and generate high-quality images. Users can select a style image within the application, combine it with their uploaded image, choose key tags, and instantly generate their own artwork with a single click.
The most common questions about Stable diffusion and other APIs
What is OmniInfer?
How does it work?
How can I use the API?
Do I need any GPU to use Stable Diffusion
Is it free?
What is the concurrency when generate images?
Can I use Commercially?
How to avoid top-up failure?
The price is only 1/10 of DALL-E2 and Midjourney
Pay-As-You-Go, free 50 images for new registrants, LoRA and ControlNet are free for use now.
API txt2img & API img2img
512 x 25620Credit $0.0015 / image
512 x 51220Credit $0.0021 / image
512 x 76820Credit $0.0031 / image
768 x 76820Credit $0.0047 / image
768 x 102420Credit $0.0063 / image
1024 x 102420Credit $0.0084 / image
1024 x 102430Credit $0.0126 / image
API upscale
512 x 5122Credit $0.0021 / image
512 x 7682Credit $0.0031 / image
768 x 7682Credit $0.0047 / image
768 x 10242Credit $0.0063 / image
1024 x 10242Credit $0.0084 / image