Return Policy
Specific delivery methods
Login to omniinfer's top up page, select the amount you want to top up and click on pay. When you complete the payment, the balance will be immediately available in your account.
Specific delivery times
The product will be delivered immediately after your purchase and will take up to 30 minutes.
Description of refund conditions
You are eligible for a refund when you have not used the service at all.
Within three days of purchasing the service, you can contact our customer service or send us an email to request a refund. After requesting a refund, your balance on our platform will be cleared immediately and your balance will be refunded to your bank card within a maximum of 10 days, although this is usually much shorter.
If you need to cancel your subscription immediately, please contact our support team for assistance and one of our friendly instructors or moderators will submit a priority request to the billing team for you.